Idaho Flying Trip August 18, 2016

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The airplane is mostly packed for the trip. I used two 18-gallon Rubbermaid “Brute” bins to hold the small stuff so it won’t fly around the cabin if I encounter turbulence. The airplane has built-in cargo straps that go over the bins and hold them in place. The rolled up sleeping bag is perfect for cushioning between the bins so they won’t shift in flight. I still have a few items that haven’t been packed yet, like trail mix and my rifle but I’ll bring them with me on Tuesday morning. The rifle is necessary in case of a forced landing in the wilderness to protect myself from unfriendly wildlife like bears. It also doubles as a way to hunt for food in case search and rescue takes more than the 3-4 days of food that I’m bringing with me. It’s hard to appreciate how much wilderness exists once you get into Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Those of us who spend most of our time in populated areas have trouble understanding what is needed to survive in the wilderness where I’ll be flying. Of course, I don’t expect to use the survival gear, but I have to be prepared. Here’s a picture of the packed cargo area of the airplane now that the rear seat is removed.