Idaho Flying Trip August 23, 2016

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Today was the first day of my trip to Idaho. I got a late start. i'd hoped to take off by 9 o'clock but I actually took off at 11:50 AM. It took longer to finish packing the airplane than I thought and I had to remove the cowling and fix the engine baffling. The propeller shop put it back together wrong. I encountered bad weather in Illinois and had to stop for the night in Mt Vernon about 300 miles earlier than I planned. It turned out to be a fortuitous stop. The airport was beautiful and the people were very friendly. They recommended a great hotel and got me a very good discount. They also loaned me a courtesy car and invited me to dinner at the local barbecue place which was very good. Here are some pictures of the trip to Illinois.

It was cloudy over the NC mountains but cleared up when I crossed into Tennessee. Clouds and rain appeared near Evansville IA so I diverted to Centralia for fuel. Asked about a hotel there but they suggested Mt Vernon about 13 miles SE since it had nicer hotels.
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Mt. Vernon IL Airport KMVN Drury Inn Mt. Vernon IL
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