Idaho Flying Trip August 24, 2016

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I left Mount Vernon Illinois this morning around 10 AM. The weather was windy overcast and rainy but VFR. There was lots of weather across the Midwest and I diverted around it all day. I only made it to Chillicothe Missouri before serious weather closed in that was too widespread to avoid. I'm a day behind my itinerary since this is where I was supposed to spend last night. That's why I built-in several weather days. I don't have to be in McCall ID until Sunday. I'm discovering that it's better not to make hotel reservations in advance. It was much cooler, smoother and less humid at 6,500 above the broken cloud layer but the 25 knot headwind slowed me down to about 70 knots ground speed. Had to stop at Mexico MO for fuel because of it.

Approaching Cillicothe MO. Light rain reduced the visibility and there was some ugly weather ahead. Not much in Chillicothe. The hangar is open front and the floor is covered with bird droppings. Hope they don't target my airplane. They loaned me a courtesy car though. They need it back by 0800 tomorrow.
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