Idaho Flying Trip August 28, 2016

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No flying today (Sunday). I took a couple of hours to remove as much gear from the airplane as possible to lighten it for the back country airstrip take offs. It's difficult to trade off survival gear for weight. You don't know exactly what you will encounter so you pack for the worst case situation - a forced landing or overnight stay. It's not hard to see why people spend a ton of money for the smallest, lightest gear. I decided to remove my sleeping bag and tent but I'm thinking of putting them back in case an overnight stay is necssary. There are lots of reasons why it might be necessary to stay at a back country airstrip overnight: wind, fog, storms, mechanical problems. I don't plan to spend much time at each airstrip so big wind changes or fog that wasn't there before landing isn't likely. That leaves mechanical problems. I did some shopping and re-read the mountain/canyon flying course material from 2012. Took a 25 minute walk into town and snapped a bunch of photos for this blog. Ate lunch at "My Father's Place in town. It was one of the few places open on Sunday and was crowded with tourists. Because of Payette Lake, McCall is a popular resort town. I had an incredibly good charbroiled burger called The Fire House because of the Jalapena peppers. Due to all the wild fires in this area most of the sandwiches had a firefighting name like The Helitack or The Tanker.

My Father's Place restaurant McCall ID Here's then Best Western McCall where I'm staying. It right across the street from the airport.
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Downtown McCall and Payette Lake Payette Lake
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