Idaho Flying Trip August 31, 2016

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McCall Mountain Canyon Flying Seminars had an unexpected group show up last night and they are short an instructor so I volunteered to delay my second day of back country flying until tomorrow. I had already added an extra day to my schedule due to the day that was lost for the exhaust system repair so it won't cost me any more to make today my flight planning and rest day. Unfortunately, they called my home number rather than my cell to let me know. Since I hadn't heard from them yesterday, I got up early again this morning and met Gary at the airport at 6:10 am. That's when I found out that we'd be flying tomorrow instead of today. I'll be getting up early tomorrow and the next day. At least I'm getting to bed early and getting 8 hours sleep.

My flight plan home is more northerly than the one that I took to McCall since I want to see Devil's Tower and Mt Rushmore from the air. Here are two screen shots of the flight plan for pilots and non-pilots. I'll spend the night in Sheridan Wyoming , Atlantic Iowa and Danville Kentucky. The 2,081 statute mile trip will take about 19 hours and 21 minutes of flight and will use about 185 gallons of fuel. It's hard to do a pre-flight in the dark so I'll do one this afternoon for tomorrow's flight and another one tomorrow afternoon for Saturday's flight. I still need to visually check the fuel levels and drain some fuel from the sumps in the morning to make sure there's no water in it from overnight condensation or rain but that takes very little time compared to a complete 20 minute pre-flight. I can stand on the tundra tires to check the fuel in the main tanks but without a ladder I can't check the fuel in the auxiliary tanks. I might be able to borrow the FBO's ladder and do that this afternoon. I took 3 hours of video footage yesterday with the GoPro camera mounted on the right wing tie-down ring. Today I uploaded some clips and still photos from the footage to yesterday's post. Since my iPhone is paired with the GoPro the best way to do this seems to be using the iPhone's GoPro app and the camera's wifi link. Hope tomorrow's videos will fit on the GoPro's 32GB memory card since I don't want to delete any of the files yet.

Pilot oriented route map home. Click for a larger version. Non-pilot oriented route map home. Click for a larger version.
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