Idaho Flying Trip September 3, 2016

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The weather around Devils Tower and along my route after that is not good. Low ceilings and visibilities plus thunderstorms and wind. Nebraska must be the windiest state in the country. I ran into the same thing on the way to Idaho. The weather is better tomorrow so I decided to wait it out in Sheridan WY. I want to see Devils Tower and if I go much farther southeast than Sheridan, I'll have to backtrack. I could have gone to Gillette WY but it's farther south and the weather isn't that great there. Sheridan is a better place to overnight than Gillette too. I replanned my route farther to the south away from some of the worst wind.

After reading hotel reviews for the cities more directly in my route, I decided to overnight in Bowling Green KY before the final leg to Hickory.I think the decision to spend another day in Sheridan was a good one. Here's what the sky looked like from the window in my room at 10:45 am.