Idaho Flying Trip September 4, 2016

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Ceilings along my route from Sheridan WY were 1,000 above ground level (AGL) or below. Surface winds were over 25 knots and winds aloft at 6,000 feet were over 30 knots. These nasty conditions extended hundreds of miles to the north and south ahead of me. I decided to stay another two days in Sheridan to wait out the weather. I'm going to take the same route that I put in yesterday's post. Ater two nights at a bargain hotel I was able to switch to a better hotel in town. They have a shuttle to the airport and a nice discount for Bighorn Aviation customers. Another two nights in the transient hangar for the airplane.

Downtown Sheridan with lots of sidewalk art. Rodeos, hunting and fishing are very popular here.More Sheridan sidewalk art